Thursday, 4 August 2011

Not Just a Pretty Face

We have recently had lots of compliments on our new model Sara and guess what...she's not just a pretty face! We love a multi talented girl here at Doll Boutique so we wanna let y’all know that she is also in new up and coming band MEOW.

MEOW consists of two band members, our beautiful Sara and the long haired Harley D.
Harley D is the English/American 21 year old guitarist of the band, but can play pretty much any instrument. Sara is the 20 year old vocalist who was also Miss Norway 2009!
With Sara's stunning looks and ethereal vocals and Harley D's musical talent and vintage 70s style we are sure they will go far!

We asked Sara a few questions about the band and her style:

Can you describe Meow music and your influences?

The Meow music is quite guitar based. We get a lot of influence from bands like The Cardigans. Other bands that inspire us are Blondie, Fleetwood Mac and The Monkeys.

Who's style do you love?

I don't really have any particular style icon. I love watching people in the streets of London and get style inspiration from that. But I do love Jane Birkin's style from the 60's/70's. Another person that I think has an amazing style is my band mate Harley D. He has his own unique style, and sticks to it no matter what. If you walk past him on the street, you won’t miss him.

If you had to pick- Modeling or Music?

Even though I do enjoy modeling, my choice would be music. Music is my real passion, and what I've always wanted to do. With music I feel like its alot easier to express myself and my creativity through my own melodies, lyrics and performance. With modeling you are mostly a piece in someone elses puzzle and project. But the two come hand in hand.

What's your favorite piece on Doll Boutique?

I love so many of the pieces on Doll Boutique, that's one of the reasons why it was so much fun doing the shoot for the store. It makes such a big difference when you feel fab in what you are wearing, at least for me it does! My favourite piece at the moment though must be the Orange Cape Dress.

Meow- Under My Feathers

 In the Studio with Meow

MEOWs next gig is at the Troubadour in London on the 9th August.

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